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NITRC-IR Image Repository

TitelNITRC-IR Image Repository
KategorieForschungsdaten-Repositorien (dieser Link wechselt zur Katalogansicht und zeigt verwandte Treffer)
Beschreibung (Redaktion)The NITRC Image Repository provides DICOM and NIFTI images from non-NIH or US research institutions with relevant acquisition parameters. Data can be searched and freely downloaded, projects can be public, protected or private. It is a XNAT-based image data management system. For including data in the repository a request has to be sent to the NITRC team. NITRC-IR is a service of the Neuroimaging Informatics Tools and Resources Clearinghouse.
Ressourcentyp4100 (Forschungsdaten, Statistiken)
DCMI-Ressourcentypdata set
APA-Klassifikation2520 (Neuropsychologie und Neurologie); 2530 (Elektrophysiologie)
SchlagworteFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Brain; Neuroimaging; Databases