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Funder Registry - Crossref

TitelFunder Registry - Crossref
KategorieForschungsförderung (dieser Link wechselt zur Katalogansicht und zeigt verwandte Treffer)
VeröffentlichtPublishers International Linking Association, Inc. (PILA)
Beschreibung (Redaktion)"A veritable who's who of funders worldwide, the Crossref Funder Registry is a unique taxonomy of grant-giving organizations. A freely-downloadable file, this registry lists funders and their unique identifiers. It is CC-0 and available to integrate with your own systems. The registry is donated by Elsevier and updated approximately monthly with new funders. Existing entries are also reviewed to make sure that they are accurate and up to date." Suche unter .
Ressourcentyp7060 (Studienförderung, Stipendien); 3000 (Bibliografische Ressourcen)
APA-Klassifikation2100 (Allgemeines); 3400 (Berufliche Fragen in Psychologie und Gesundheitswesen)
SchlagworteFunding; Research; Research Funding; Forschungsförderung; Professional Organizations; Database, CrossRef; FundRef