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Psychology, Culture & Religion Group

TitelPsychology, Culture & Religion Group
KategorieFachgesellschaften (international; national) (dieser Link wechselt zur Katalogansicht und zeigt verwandte Treffer)
VeröffentlichtPCR, Psychology, Culture & Religion Group
Beschreibung (Autor)"The Psychology, Culture & Religion Group (PCR, formerly "Person, Culture & Religion") is both an official Group and an affiliated organization of the American Academy of Religion. It sponsors both formal academic sessions during the AAR Annual meeting each year and pre-sessions that offer a more informal and participatory format. At this site you can find more information about PCR and how to become a Member, and who serves on the Steering Committee. You can read back issues of the PCR News, join the PCR-List Electronic Maillist or take a look at the PCR Bibliography of works inspired by group sessions. You can find information and pre-meeting papers for the Annual Meetings, along with Guidelines for Presenters at PCR sessions."
Ressourcentyp5050 (Fachgesellschaften und Berufsverbände)
APA-Klassifikation2920 (Religion)
SchlagworteReligionspsychologie; Psychology of Religion; Professional Organizations; Religion; Culture (Anthropological)