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AcademiaNet - das Portal exzellenter Wissenschaftlerinnen

Titel AcademiaNet - das Portal exzellenter Wissenschaftlerinnen
KategorieForschungsförderung (dieser Link wechselt zur Katalogansicht und zeigt verwandte Treffer)
VeröffentlichtSpektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Beschreibung (Autor)"Women continue to be seriously underrepresented in leadership positions in academia and the sciences. Only 21% of the professorships with the highest endowments are held by women throughout the EU; in some countries, for instance in Germany, the proportion is even smaller (18%). The numbers are similar for important committees and commissions that decide on research awards, professor appointments and research funding. Nowadays, there is a consensus in politics and academia that the small number of women in leadership positions represents an untapped potential. There is a lack of appropriate tools, though, for quickly finding women academics who are suitable and very good. The Robert Bosch Stiftung and Spektrum der Wissenschaft hope to provide just such a tool with AcademiaNet. By providing numerous profiles of excellent women academics from every discipline, we are making them more visible and more easily accessible. This in turn will make it easier to fill leadership positions and scientific bodies with women academics."
Ressourcentyp6000 (Forschung); 2000 (Nachschlagewerke)
APA-Klassifikation3400 (Berufliche Fragen in Psychologie und Gesundheitswesen)
SchlagworteScientists; Human Females; Database; Sex Discrimination; Frauenförderung; Employment Discrimination